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SEO vs. PPC – Which is More Important? | Evica Digital

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According to statistics, 75% of online users don’t scroll past the first page. So, it becomes your responsibility to make your site appear on the first page.

There are two general practices to improve your site’s ranking. One is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and the other is Pay-Per-Click (PPC). These two practices are different from each other, but their aim is common, to generate leads.

Let’s compare them and see which one is more important for you.


Organic SEO means improving the content on your listing (title, bullet points, description, A+ content and backend search terms), and making it algorithmically friendly to appear higher in search engines. You do this by including relevant keywords in to your listing, Helium 10 is a good keyword research tool for this. Optimizing your listing is necessary to gain more visibility.

Advantages of SEO

Here are some advantages of SEO.

1.   Cost Effective

SEO is a cost-effective method of ranking on search engines. It might cost you time, but still, it is considered more cost-effective than PPC.

2.   Provides Long-Term Results

SEO is a long-term game and provides you with long-lasting results. In the beginning, SEO consumes time and effort, but once you get ranked, you will enjoy the traffic without doing much. But remember, SEO is not ‘set and forget’ and needs to be monitored and optimized accordingly, customer searches can change over time.

3.   Credibility and Trust

Compared to paid advertisements in general, SEO builds trust and credibility with potential customers. Some users skim over paid advertisements and prefer to click on products that are ranked organically.


Pay-Per-Click is a form of paid advertisement. If you want to skip the competition and get quick results, then PPC is the choice, PPC is also vital in selling on Amazon today, and they are increasingly adding more and more placements for paid advertising like display and sponsored brands.

Advantages of PPC

1.    Provides Quick Results

With PPC, you don’t need to wait to be ranked organically. But you have to pay for your ad whenever a visitor clicks on it. When launching it’s important to get quick data to make optimizations during the honeymoon period. You’re essentially paying for data and organic ranking long-term, provided you have a solid offering.

2.   Controllable Campaigns

PPC campaigns are controllable, and you can manage the budget that you want to spend. Have clear goals in mind while using PPC to avoid any unwanted wastage of the budget. You can also track the results of your campaigns and optimize them for positive results. For more on this read our article –

3.   It’s Essential

Unless you’re a huge brand like Nike, you’re going to have to pay to gain traction on Amazon. Gone are the years where you could just throw anything up on Amazon and get sales.

Which One Is Better?

Neither, they are equally as important and complement one another. It’s crucial to have a solid SEO strategy as well as a solid PPC strategy to maximize sales.

SEO provides you with long-lasting results but requires time and energy. In contrast, PPC provides quick results, but you need to spend some budget on it.

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