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Is Amazon PPC Worth It? | Evica Digital

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For many sellers, creating and maintaining successful marketing campaigns remains a major challenge. It is extremely difficult to thrive on Amazon without the necessary Amazon PPC skills or the assistance of Amazon PPC professionals.

Some sellers ignore Amazon PPC because they are unsure if it is worthwhile. Let us show you how Amazon PPC can help you establish and succeed with your Amazon business.

Amazon PPC is necessary for exposure

The primary goal of Amazon PPC is to increase your product exposure and position it above organic listings. Three different types of PPC ads for your product are available and prominently displayed.

  • Sponsored product ads.
  • Sponsored brand ads.
  • Sponsored display ads.

All of these advertisements have advantages and disadvantages, but the goal is the same. They promote your product and make it visible to customers who are browsing the internet. This way, you can increase sales and grow your brand.

Amazon is a high intent search engine

According to Business Insider, 50% of all customers start their product search on Amazon. When customers search for a specific product, your listings must appear at the top of the page. In this regard, Amazon PPC can help you but your product must be in one of the top positions to be visible.

You can use Amazon PPC to place your listing above the thousands of other non-sponsored listings.

Amazon PPC improves your product’s organic ranking too

By increasing traffic to your listing, you are providing Amazon with more data, clicks, add to carts, and conversions. Amazon will reward you for these’micro-actions’ if your listing is well optimized, as you are providing more data points to Amazon and helping their search engine better understand your product. If your listing performs well in comparison to your competitors, you will notice an increase in your organic rankings.

As a result, Amazon PPC is also a useful tool for increasing your listing’s organic rank.

Amazon PPC delivers valuable insights

Amazon PPC data is the most valuable data you can get as it comes directly from Amazon, rather than being estimated by a third party software. It is crucial to constantly be making iterative decisions to prevent products from going stagnant and falling behind competitors.

PPC data is the ideal data set to draw from because data-driven decisions are always the best way to make adjustments. PPC data can be used to test a variety of things, including:

  • Main image and title by examining changes in click-through rates.
  • Content is evaluated using metrics such as conversion rate.
  • Keyword relevance – click-through rate.

Moreover, you can get these results almost instantly and iterate quickly as a result.

Final thoughts

Amazon PPC is an incredible tool for sellers to thrive on Amazon, but running campaigns requires specialized knowledge. To run a successful Amazon business in 2022, you must use Amazon PPC for your listings.

Create an excellent listing and run ad campaigns, and you have a good chance of earning more than you spend.

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