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5 Incredible Tips For a Highly-Performing Amazon PPC Campaign | Evica Digital

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An effective Amazon PPC campaign requires a lot of effort and it is vital to structure your campaigns correctly. Keeping up with the latest optimization techniques is important if you want to have a successful campaign. Here are the five best tips for structuring your PPC campaigns more efficiently.

1.   Leverage Long Tail Keywords

This is particularly useful if you have a small budget or have just launched your product. It’s very difficult to compete with established products on high-CPC generic keywords, so you’ll quickly run out of money. After establishing your product, you can create campaigns around some of the higher search volume/more generic words.

2.  Negative Targeting

When creating campaigns, it’s essential to do your research and know what keywords won’t convert well i.e., the keyword ‘plastic container’ for a glass container product.  You also need to negate any keywords (exact, phrase or broad) that are currently being used in other campaigns. We call this campaign sculpting and what it does is force Amazon’s algorithm to go out and find new keywords that may perform well – that is if you are using phrase, broad or automatic targeting!

3.  Adjust Your Bids By Ad Placements

Amazon is trying to improve the way of sellers bid in PPC auctions. They have introduced a new Custom Rule Bidding where sellers can bid beyond the fixed and dynamic bidding. This feature has been available in the US Amazon marketplace only till now.

You can also control your campaign by using the ad placement feature and adjusting your bids based on positions. You can track the data about which placement brought you the most exposure and sales. Using this data, you can adjust your ad placement for better sales.

4.  Use Different Bids and Match Types – Track The Performance

Experiment with the different bids and match types to track your results and accordingly optimize your campaign. The CPC for a particular campaign in an automatic campaign might be cheaper than its counterpart in a manual campaign.

In the same way, broad keywords may cost you more in the manual campaign as compared to automatic. So, try different combinations because it will give you data regarding multiple scenarios. You can build a great PPC strategy this way. Test, test, test! PPC is an iterative and never-ending process.

5.  Relevance and Performance metrics

Amazon’s A9 algorithm prefers listings with higher reviews, greater sales, and relevant copy. The relevance and performance metrics determine your ad ranking. So, make sure your listing is optimized for conversions before bringing all new traffic in.

Performance Metrics to consider

Total sales, Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Conversion Rates, TACoS (Total sales/advertising cost)

Final Comments

The Structure of your PPC campaign can determine your level of success on Amazon. So, use these tips to create brilliant Amazon PPC campaigns to be successful.

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